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Aretha Skis - Women's 2017

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The Aretha is a ski which was originally shaped in 4FRNT's White Room and later combined with the influence of the Devastator.  The Aretha is their West Coast All Mountain shape.  This ski utilizes the ContourCore™ to support accurate drive and flex. Then they pressed a matching sidecut reverse camber radius, known as ReflectTech™ to maximize the float and forgiveness when plowing through variable snow. If you live in a mountain climate, there is no more diverse ski on the market than the Aretha.

ContourCore Technology - 4FRNT's women’s skis feature shapes similar to the men’s line but they set these skis apart with their, women’s specific, ContourCore construction. Women tend to drive a ski from their hips which generates forces down through their heels. With their women’s cores, we’ve moved the weight of the core rearwards (5cm) to accom- modate this more centered skiing style. This lets women drive the true center of the core weight instead of constantly fighting from behind, while still being centered over the side cut.

ReflectTech Technology - Eric Hjorleifson conceived ReflectTech in order to make rocker and side-cut work together. In the past, full rocker profiles effected a negative impact on the ability of a ski to edge consistently. This effect caused the tips to hook and the tails to wash out with the ski on edge. With ReflectTech, the rocker radius and the side-cut radius match, allowing the ski to edge smoothly, creating predictable carving in all conditions. ReflectTechTM virtually eliminates tip hook. The ski will engage smoothly along it’s entire length, while still giving you the float and pivotability of a fully rockered ski.

VibeVeil Technology - Vibration drastically reduces confidence. The VibeVeil elastic membrane situated in the tips of their rockered skis dramatically reduces chatter and weak edge hold, commonly the result of extended negative radius profiles in ski tips when used in varied to firm snow conditions. 


Dimensions: 124-102-119 @ 164

Turn Radius: 25m

Profile: Reverse Camber (full Rocker)

Construction: Semi-Cap

Core: Wood

Base: Sintered Carbon

Binding Included: No

Claimed Weight: 1854g

Manufacturer Warranty: 1 Year against defects