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Blackfoot HB Angler XL Inflatable Kayak


Blackfoot HB Angler XL Inflatable Kayak

Only 12 items available Only 12 items available Only 12 items available
Blackfoot HB Angler XL Inflatable Kayak is available for purchase in increments of 1

Capacity for 2, but designed as a very spacious 1 person boat for technical angling at its finest! 

If casting big dryflies for hungry cutthroat is your passion, then the Blackfoot Angler HB is designed for you. While named after the legendary Blackfoot River in Montana, our rugged kayak will effortlessly glide you into your favorite honey hole on the river of your choice. With plentiful Scotty® mounts within arms-reach, the Blackfoot can be completely customized to tackle the wildest angling missions of your dreams. Industry leading stiffness, which is crucial for efficient paddling and casting, is forged through the use of premium grade drop-stitch combined with our proprietary Powerstrip™. The commercial-grade Duratex™ hull construction provides long-lasting performance while the forward Splash-Guard™ helps keep you dry while you paddle to your secret fishing spot. With sturdy molded handles positioned around the boat you will be able to board the boat easily and quickly. As a final touch, we provide you with a mounted Rugged Core™ seat on a removable, raised platform for a higher seating position. Equipped with a high backrest, mesh storage pocket, integrated fishing-rod holders, fore and aft support straps and an infinite adjustment system not only will you be able to paddle efficiently but you’ll be able to do so in absolute comfort. The Blackfoot Angler comes with a high-performance fin system includes a stiff, durable, foiled fin with unique quick-release for easy setup. Convenient backpack travel bag included.

  • Adjustable elastic straps keep gear close at hand while underway.
  • Backstraps help to adjust the Core™ seat to your needs and comfort.
  • Allows easy drainage of water from the boat.
  • Durable Core™ seats will provide you with the utmost comfort with high backrests, plentiful mesh storage pockets, integrated fishing-rod holders, fore and aft seat straps.
  • Heavy duty D-rings for accessory tie-down and seating support.
  • Adjustable foot rest improves comfort and paddling efficiency.
  • Expedition-grade Duratex™ material provides unmatched durability and performance. High-pressure HB floor creates a solid Hard-Bottom™ platform that is incredibly stiff and responsive. HB floor supports up to 12 psi (0,83 bar) air pressure for a hull that is as stiff as fiberglass and stable enough to stand up in. Best suited for performance paddling, expedition use, outfitters or anyone who demands the very best in quality and performance. Found on Chelan™ HB, Blackfoot™ HB and Klickitat™ HB Series.
  • High-pressure spring valve uses common Halkey-Roberts type fitting.
  • Allows for infinite fine-tuning of seat and accessory positions.
  • Sturdy molded handles are ideal for boarding and transport.
  • Stiff, durable, high-performance fin connects with convenient quick-release.
  • Protects the cockpit and helps keep paddlers dry.