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2012 PDGA Worlds Disc Golf Championship!

2012 PDGA Worlds Disc Golf Championship!

2012 PDGA Worlds Disc Golf Championship!

My 2012 Worlds adventure in Charlotte, NC has begun. I left Portland Thursday evening July 12th at 10:55pm. I arrived in Charlotte, NC in the morning on Friday the 13th.  After checking into my room at the host Hotel the Blake I took a quick rest, and then met my friend Holly Fiinley for a quick round at the Eager Beaver course, one of the 5 different courses I will play in the 2012 Worlds competition.  I met Holly at the 2012 Beaver State Fling that was held here in Oregon this past June.  Holly by trade is an international model, and just took up disc golf this past February.  She is very dedicated to disc golf, and has progressed quickly.  Just recently she was signed by Innova disc sports as a celebrity ambassador.  She is an awesome gal with a great attitude on and off the course, and she will represent Innova very well.  Later in the day I met my Worlds mixed doubles partner Al “Speedy” Guerrero for a practice round at the Hornet's Nest course.  Al is the director of the Disc Golf Hall of Fame, and has been involved in the sport for many years.  I topped off my first day with dinner at the host Hotel with Brian Graham the director of the PDGA, a couple of Aussies, and a member of the Charloette sports commission .

Me and my awesome dubs partner Al "Speedy" Guerrero

Those crazy Canadians Mel & Tubs
Speedy sinking an awesome putt on one of the raised baskets at the Hornet's Nest

Saturday the Professional & Amature mixed doubles portion of the 2012 Worlds took place.  The pros played their two rounds at Bradford Park & the Ams played their two rounds at the Hornet’s Nest course.  The format for this event was a little different than I am used to.  The first 6 holes were alternate shot with the female partner teeing off on every hole.  Then holes 7 through 12 was what they called modified best shot with the male partners teeing off on the odd numbered holes, and the female partners teeing off on the even numbered holes after the tee it was then best shot, so both partners would through from the best lay.  Then holes 13 through 18 it was back to alternate shot with the female partners teeing off.   I really like this format, and would love the chance to play it again.  Al was an awesome dubs partner, and although we did not play as well as we had hoped we had an awesome time.  We played both rounds with an awesome team from Canada Mellissa & Tubs.  It was a great way to spend the 2nd day of my 10 day Worlds adventure.

Players recieving thier player packs or Worlds


My player pack for the 2012 Worlds

Sunday morning I checked in for the singles portion which starts on Tuesday, and pick up my players pack.  I then hope get in some practice rounds on some of the courses which I will be playing when the competition starts on Tuesday.  Today also there will be some field completion including a long drive & putting competitions taking place at Renaissance Park. 

The 2012 Worlds tournament will begin on Tuesday, and conclude on Saturday.  You can follow the action by logging onto:

You can follow the scoring at:
 http://www.pdga.com/tournament_results/16468 (amateurs) http://www.pdga.com/tournament_results/16469 (pros) 

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