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2015 Kidfest Report

2015 Kidfest Report

2015 Kidfest Report

--Event Details--
Event name: Kidfest
Event Location: Expo Center
Event Type: Kids Expo
Event Date: 2015-01-24

The Full Report: The Next Adventure disc golf team had a great time this past weekend at this years Kidfest held at Portland's Expo Center. We were given that opportunity to put on a disc golf demonstration which allowed kids to gain exposure to disc golf, learn about the game, and putt on mini and regulation baskets.

Kidfest is a weekend full of entertainment and interactive exhibits for kids and their parents. It is the largest Northwest Family Expo. This year it included Sportfest which focused on team sports, extreme and specialty sports, as well as outdoor adventures. This was perfect for the disc golf team and we were honored to come teach and show the kids about the game we love so much.

It was a lot of fun watching the joy on the kids faces as they put the discs in the baskets which was a great reminder of why we all love the sport so much. Everyone of us there came away smiling and happy that we were asked to be a part of this year's kidfest.

Check out the all the photos from the event below:

2015 Kidfest
Jason, Tanya, & Dan holding down the fort.

2015 Kidfest
Dan enlightening the youths on disc golf.

2015 Kidfest
Joey fitting in with the locals.

2015 Kidfest
Jason helping out the youngin's.

2015 Kidfest
Going for gold.

2015 Kidfest

Future stars?

Thanks to everyone for coming out! We'll see you again next year!


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