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2016 4FRNT Devastator Review

2016 4FRNT Devastator Review

2016 4FRNT Devastator Review

The 2015/2016 4FRNT Devastator is designed to charge the entire mountain with authority. The ski sports a full rocker profile, but don't mistake these beasts as restricted to the powder. The Devastator's feature what 4FRNT refers to as "Reflect Tech" where the sidecut radius is identical to the rocker profile. The matching radii allow the ski to float in deeper snow thanks to the early rise, and activate the edges when powering through turns in harder snow. The sidecut also allows the skis to pivot directly underfoot creating a ski that is fat yet nimble.

2016 4frnt devastator review
Here is a profile shot of the matching radii.

If you're looking for an all-day charger that will easily destroy anything in its path, the 4FRNT Devastator is for you. Check out Joshua from 4FRNT break down the features of the Devastator below and keep an eye out as these planks will be available fall 2015.


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