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2016 4FRNT Gaucho Review

2016 4FRNT Gaucho Review

2016 4FRNT Gaucho Review

The 2015/2016 4FRNT Gaucho is an all mountain machine. The Gaucho features titanol construction which is an aluminum alloy that is placed on the top and bottom of the sandwich construction; this layer of titanol helps the ski maintain its torsional rigidity allowing the skis to power through turns and remain stable throughout. The Gaucho has become about 10% stiffer in the tips with some added titanol as well to help dampen the ski for a wide variety of conditions. The Gaucho features early rise, a large amount of camber, and early taper in the tip and tail for easy turn initiation.

The Gaucho is an excellent option as a daily driver and will excel in variable snow conditions just as well as the corduroy. Check out the video below as 4FRNT marketing manager Joshua breaks down the features of the Gaucho at SIA. The Gaucho's will be available this fall.


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