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2016 4FRNT Kye 95 Review

2016 4FRNT Kye 95 Review

2016 4FRNT Kye 95 Review

The new 2015/2016 4FRNT Kye 95 is an all mountain machine that can take you from crushing hot laps in the resort, to hiking for the perfect untouched line in the backcountry. The Kye 95's have tip rocker with plenty of camber underfoot making them an excellent option for all types of snow conditions. 4FRNT's new tip technology dampens the rocker eliminating tip chatter which allows the skier to truly power through turns.

These skis were designed with the entire mountain in mind, and there is really no place they cannot go. They feature a wide taper for easy turn initiation and a flat tail which keeps the skis stable and balanced throughout the entire turn. 4FRNT marketing manager Joshua Moreland breaks down the ski at SIA and shows us the features of these all mountain planks in the video below.

Keep an eye out for these skis this fall and get ready to conquer the entire mountain.


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