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5 Reasons To Stand Up Paddleboard

5 Reasons To Stand Up Paddleboard

5 Reasons To Stand Up Paddleboard

If you’ve been to a river, lake, or ocean anytime over the past few years, chances are you’ve seen someone on a stand up paddleboard. As a beach dweller, you may have pondered, “Hey, I wonder if that would be fun?” News flash: it is. Here’s 5 reasons why this is the year to get started.

1) It’s Fun Exercise

Not only is Stand Up Paddleboaring fun, it’s a great workout activating your lower body, core, and upper body with virtually no impact. SUPing also improves your balance since you’re essentially paddling around on an oversized surfboard. A recent Men’s Fitness article claimed that you burn 800 calories per hour of SUPing which sounds like a stretch, but hey, the bottom line is you’re working out and having a good time.

2) An activity for all individuals and experience levels

Anyone can ride a Stand Up Paddleboard. There are different boards (inflatable, varying length, etc.) for different experience levels, but starting on your knees gives you a feel of how the balance works, then simply stand up after you get the hang of it. If you fall, you laugh and hop back on. Simple as that. The openness makes it a perfect activity for anyone who enjoys adventuring outside. Perhaps the whole family, a date, or even Grandma & Grandpa (don’t force them, just invite them).

Stand Up Paddleboarding Portland

3) Variety of SUP activities

As you progress as a stand up paddleboarder, your options open up as to what style of SUP you can participate in. You always have the option of a calm, relaxing paddle along Scappoose Bay, or you could cruise a mellow whitewater section of the Clackamas for an extra challenge. You can even center your chakra in one of our SUP Yoga classes. There are even fishing specific stand up paddleboards allowing you to get to those tricky spots bigger boats can’t fit into. Beauty lies in the hands of the paddler, so take your SUP down the path you find most attractive.

4) Perfect Getaway or Adventure

Stand up paddleboarding is the perfect escape. The tranquility of standing on peaceful water and being surrounded by nature can alleviate stress and allow you to just focus on paddling. Plus stand up paddleboards allow for more unique exploration since they can navigate areas that are too small for boats and too far away for swimmers. You simply see things differently when you’re standing on the water.

5) Get out there!

Yes it’s fun, yes it’s a great workout, but be warned, and as you progress, it starts to become even more fun and addicting. Gliding along the water rushing underneath your feet is a feeling unlike any other, so stop watching and start SUPing. If you want to try before you buy, rent some boards at our Portland Paddle Sports Center or our Scappoose Bay Paddling Center.

If you prefer having a guide for your first time, check out our Stand Up Paddleboard Classes and Tours! We’ll see you on the water!

Stand Up Paddleboarding
Photo courtesy of Taro Taylor
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