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A Day at Leavenworth

A Day at Leavenworth

A Day at Leavenworth

Leavenworth Bouldering, Icicle Canyon
Nolan and I accompanied by a couple friends took the six hour drive to Leavenworth, late Father's Day. We drove through Icicle Canyon, arriving at the Forrestland parking lot at the ungodly hour of 3 a.m. We then set up camp; very happy that our Mountain Safety Research tent (the Elbow Room 2 person) only requires a couple minutes to set up. With four  pieces, it takes little to no brain power - lucky for us. After doing some star gazing we wondered up to the boulders to check out what was on the next day's busy agenda.
Our view from camp 

Woke up around 8am to the sound of the incessant chirping of birds. Mad Meadows was our first stop: Pimpsqueak, our mission. One of the area's most classic and well known climbs, Pimpsqueak is a horizontal roof around 13 feet high before the top out. We strategically placed our pads for ascent- praying that our coffee wouldn't kick in too early. Although Nolan and Connor came very close, I was the only one to send this trip. I first saw Pimpsqueak, 3 years ago and wasn't even able to touch any of the roof section. I'm glad to see a little progression and relieved it went down!

After Pimpsqueak, we spent a good half hour getting a little lost searching for Hanta Man. Taking a second look at our guidebook it became apparent that it was actually just around the corner. Hanta Man was completely in the shade and was a perfect way for us to escape the sun and still be able to climb.

Micah Bishop sending Pimpsqueak, Leavenworth Bouldering
Me catching the jugNolan Bishop falling off of Pimpsqueak, Leavenworth Bouldering
Nolan falling off one of the last committing moves

When it became too hot we headed into town to explore the Bavarian town, got some lunch, saw some yodeling, and washed up at the local Starbucks. We then spent an evening session at the Beach area in Tumwater Canyon. It's a short beautiful hike along the river to the boulders, where we jumped on The Terrible V7, The Finn V2, and Savage V5. The Goicoechea problem kicked our butt though and is definitely something to come back to.

Nolan Bishop on Hanta Man, Leavenworth Bouldering
Nolan on Hanta ManMad Meadows, Leavenworth Bouldering

Connor Runia on Hanta Man, Leavenworth Bouldering
Connor Runia working out beta to Hanta Man's finish

Downtown Leavenworth
Leavenworth is all about the Gnomes

At the end of the day our muscles were sore and our fingertips were lacking skin. We picked up some dinner at Heidleburger and headed back to Portland; a delicious way to end a good day.

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