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Climbing Shoe Review: Evolv Shamans

Climbing Shoe Review: Evolv Shamans

Climbing Shoe Review: Evolv Shamans

Micah Bishop on Chain Reaction, Smith Rock, Oregon
I've got a lot of good things to say about the Evolv Shaman climbing shoes. Let's see, where to start?

The Shamans are definitely a versatile shoe. The downturn shape is beneficial for steeper terrain (allowing you to pull with your toes) but doesn't hurt your abilities on something vertical either. Whether I'm in the gym or at Smith Rock, the edging from these shoes has been excellent. The shape of the shoe doesn't change, so it won't feel sloppy overtime and it will give relatively the same high performance through out it's entire life.

Chain Reaction, Smith Rock
Another feature everyone seems to like is the "knuckle-box" and "lovebump" combination. The lovebump eliminates extra dead space while the knuckle-box pushes the toes forward into a position giving them some power. The result is that you don't have to downsize your climbing shoes as much as you might in another model. Your feet will thank you for this. 
Micah Bishop trying out Rude Boys, Smith Rock
Overall an impressive, comfortable and well performing shoe that I'd recommend checking out!
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