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Dagger Mamba Review

Dagger Mamba Review

Dagger Mamba Review

--Product Information--Dagger Mamba
Product Name: Mamba 8.6
Product Brand: Dagger
Best Use: Creeking & River running
Sizes Available / Specs: 7.6 ft - 64 gal; 8.1ft - 77 gal; 8.6 ft - 89 gal.

--Test Information--
Location of Test: PNW
Duration: Been ripping this bad boy for the past 6 months.

Value Rating: 10
Durability Rating: 9
Overall Rating: 10

Full Review: The Mamba is the sickest kayak I have ever paddled! It is such an amazing river runner and creek boat. What I look for in a river runner is something that is fast, holds a line, and has great stability all around. When searching for a creek boat, I look for something that is responsive, has lots of volume for resurfacing, and a boat that will cut in and out of eddy's. The Mamba does it all very well!

The Mamba has more of a "planing hull" style which gives you lots of control, stability, and speed. I've taken the Mamba down steep class V creeks and big drops, and this is the boat of choice for me. When it comes down to that last stroke and holding you're line above a big rapid or waterfall, the Mamba offers lots of comfort knowing that it's going to take care of you and do its job.

Coming from challenging whitewater into a teaching relationship with the boat, beginners have an easy transition with the mambas soft edges and volume. The boat offers speed, tracking, and stability for first timers. Learning the basics in this boat are great, other kayaks of the same style offer more bad habits than good while learning. Even if a paddler tries to overpower moves in the Mamba it, will still give good feedback. If a paddler uses their edges and shows good technique the boat responds with great performance.

The Good List: Superb speed, tracking, stability, and maneuverability. The hull plaines and resurfaces very well.

The Not so Good List: I have nothing bad to say about this kayak.

The Bottom Line: This is my boat of choice. It's also the kayak I put people in from never paddling a kayak to class V paddlers. 



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