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Event Report: Race For The Cup Disc Golf Tournament

Event Report: Race For The Cup Disc Golf Tournament

Event Report: Race For The Cup Disc Golf Tournament

The Race for the Cup #1 was the first in a series of three events leading up to the 2015 Calapooia Classic. The first three events will be single day, C tier events while this year's Calapooia Classic will be a B tier. In order to qualify to win this year's cup, players must compete in the Classic as well as 2 others in the series. Each of the events will be open for anyone to play whether or not they are competing for the cup.

The Disc Golf Club of Albany and Tournament Director Brandon Hill were great hosts and made the tournament fun as well as smooth running.

Tournament Director
Tournament Director at the player's meeting.

Timber Linn Park has 9 permanent baskets and for this tournament 8 of those 9 were used with an additional 10 temporary holes added. The permanent baskets play pretty open with a tree thrown in here and there to make it interesting. The added 10 baskets not only added variety but also difficulty with 2 water shots and a few tight tunneled fairways. These holes take you to all corners of the park and the Tournament Director made great use of the parks natural and man made features in their course design.

For the most part the course played pretty quickly. The biggest lesson that I learned from round 1 to round 2 was that YOU DO NOT HAVE TO THROW OVER THE WATER IN THE WIND!! During the first round I decided to go for it. I knew that I could make it but played it a little safe and clipped a tree instead of carrying over. This landed me 3ft from the shore with a penalty and a couple of extra throws to get out of trouble and into the basket. The second round I took the safe route around the pond and took 4 strokes off that hole alone. That decision along with a couple of clutch putts earned me a 59 (par 56) for the round. A whole 5 strokes improvement over round 1.

Race For The Cup
Water shot on the first hole.

I earned a solid first place and I plan on playing at least one more of the Race for the Cup tournaments as well as the 2015 Calapooia Classic. The rest of the schedule is as follows:

Race for the Cup #2- Saturday, June 20th @ Waterloo Disc Golf Course
Race for the Cup #3- Saturday, July 11th @ Bryant Park 2015
Calapooia Classic- Saturday and Sunday, August 29th and 30th @ Bryant Park

Those interested in playing any of this series can register on 4 DiscĀ Golf.

Race For The Cup Disc Golf Tournament
1st & 2ndĀ Place!

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