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Flight Crew Are All Hands On Deck For The 2011 Beaver State Fling

Flight Crew Are All Hands On Deck For The 2011 Beaver State Fling

Flight Crew Are All Hands On Deck For The 2011 Beaver State Fling

Another year and another epic weekend at Milo McIver state park for the 2011 Beaver State Fling National Tour disc golf tournament.  This year the tournament went back to a one weekend event with pros and the amateurs playing on the same weekend.  This format does not allow for as many people to play, but it is nice to have everyone play on the same weekend.  Also it is easier on the staff not to put on two separate events back to back weekends.  The weather did corporate very nicely this year as well.  It was sunny all weekend, but not too hot perfect for disc golf.  Also it is much nicer to camp in dry conditions.  The two courses looked amazing thanks to all the hard work by the tournament directors Jeff Hagerty & Jeff Mittl along with a group of dedicated volunteers.  The fairways were mowed, and looked amazing; btw flight crew member Joey was out the weekend before on the big riding mower helping out with the mowing.  The newly refurbished baskets looked amazing with the new painted red tops, the deep basket catchers, and chainsets.  Thanks to Innova for making available the champion archons fundraiser disc that paid for refurbishing all 36 baskets at Milo McIver. 

The pros started playing on Friday with everyone playing one round on the east course, and one round on the west course.  It was nice for the amateurs to be able to set up camp, and then watch some the best disc golfers in the world play.  Flight team member Emma Rose was able to play her first round with Des Reading whom is one of the best female disc golfers in the world.  Emma was so thrilled to have the opportunity to play with Des.  Also my husband Steve caddied for local pro Jason Pinkal for the first round.  He was thrilled to this, and had a great time.  Also on the card with Jason was Avery Jenkins one of the top pros in the world.   Saturday was a big day of golf all the amateurs played two rounds one on the east and one on the west.  Then the pros played a round in-between the amateurs’ rounds.   An awesome lunch was provided Saturday & Sunday by Next Adventure for all the players, staff, and volunteers.  Thanks Bryan, Ian, Rob & the rest of the NA crew for hooking us up with the awesome food, beer, and soda. 

Saturday evening there was a player’s party at tournament central.  Tournament central was amazing this year by the way.  The PDGA brought its National Tour trailer to this event.  They had an amazing tent set up, which they have dubbed the octopus tent, very fitting name.  They had video equipment set up, which was looping all kinds of awesome disc golf videos including the NACC (Next Adventure’s Amature Championship) video from last year.   They also had a hot spot set up, so people could access the internet from there, and update scoring.  Also at tournament central along each side were the booths of vendors, and sponsors of the event.  We also had a shuttle bus Disc Van Go that ran a circuit from one end of the park to the other ferrying players and spectators from TC to the two courses, and the camping location.  Another awesome part of the BSF was again Gawain Stern’s 18 hole mini golf course.  Sadly I did not get the chance to play the mini course this year, but I saw lots of players, spectators and families enjoying themselves on the mini course.   

Sunday the amateurs played one round in the morning, and the pros played in the afternoon.   I started out the final round down by two, and managed a comeback late in the round to win the advanced women’s division.  I finished off my round with a 50ft putt for par on 9W, which is a par 4.  I made that putt with my Innova  Aviair Yeti, which is Jay Reading’s signature disc that I had signed the Wednesday before at Next Adventure’s Meet The Pros by Jay Reading himself one of the best putters in the world.  Jay happened to be waiting to tee off on hole 10W for his final round, so I took the opportunity to let him know I just had the best final hole ever to end a tournament with the disc he had signed for me.  He was pretty stoked about that, and I was able to get a really cool picture with him and the disc.  I also wanted to mention that Des Reading who is one of the best female disc golfers in the world waited and watched the amateur women finish up their 2nd round Saturday.  We all thought that was pretty cool that she did that.  Jay & Des Reading ROCK!! 


I did not get a chance to watch the pro ladies finish, but Valerie Jenkins took first with Sarah Hokom 2nd, and Paige Pierce 3rd.  I did get the chance to watch the pro men finish on 18E, and it was a very exciting finish with Paul McBeth carding the bird on the final hole to take the come from behind win by one stroke over Dave Feldberg & Nate Doss who tied for 2nd.  Paul McBeth actually set a new course record for the BSF east course with a 49. Par is 61 btw. 

I had a great time all weekend hanging out at the Next Adventure compound with team mates Joey, Celeste, Dan, Ryan, and Emma.  I got to play with some amazing ladies all weekend.  Thanks to Jeff & Jeff, and all the volunteers for putting on such an awesome event.  Every year it seems to get better and better.  I already can’t wait for next year. 


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