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Flight Crew Flies Solo to Scout Lake!

Flight Crew Flies Solo to Scout Lake!

Flight Crew Flies Solo to Scout Lake!

Welcome to the reviville of the Scout lake Classic! This legendary event hasn't been ran since 2003 and now it's back in action bringing disc golfers together for a laid back weekend of golf, chilling by the lake and camping with good friends.

The Scout lake camp ground is located about 12 miles west of sisters. this mixed pine/fir forest has survived multiple wild fires giving disc golfers a landscape of chard tree bases and plenty of down logs. The terrain has lots of elevation, which made for some awesome shots and tricky wind situations. the lake sits at 3600 ft making discs fly a little more stable then here in the valley, remember that tip when reaching in to the bag...

This was the view from hole #2. Suttle lake is just a mile from the campground and offers fishing, motorized boats, and calm waters for the kayak or canoe. I didn't make it into Suttle this time, but next time i'll be sure bring a kayak or two and a fishing pole.
The Tourney could not of happened without the TD's Teresa and Tom who did a great job organizing the event and putting together a sweet 18 hole temporary course, next year were shooting for 27 holes, so BYOB ( bring your own basket) Thank you!  
This is a pic of my main man Brian, doing his thing hunting for Morel mushrooms...
Around the group camp everybody was making sure to have a good time with the generous keg donations from Three Creeks Brewing. Washers was the popular camp game for the weekend, providing hours of fun.

Putting green on hole 16.

Tee box on hole 16.

Scout is perfect for a lazy canoe ride and basking in the sun. the lake is fairly small and on a warmer day it really heats up making it great for swimming.
Brian taking the #1 spot in advanced..well done B!
Overall, I had a great weekend! Golfing, Camping, Chilling with good people, checking out a new spot, and relaxing by the campfire all qualify for time well spent! Big thanks goes out to all the Bend Rebels and everyone else who helped out. See you next year!

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