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Gear Review: Astral Brewer

Gear Review: Astral Brewer

Gear Review: Astral Brewer

--Product Information--Astral Brewer
Product Name: Brewer
Product Brand: Astral
Best Use: Running around the slippery slopes of the PNW
Sizes Available / Specs: Mens size 7-13

--Test Information--
Location of Test: United States
Duration: 3 months/ongoing

Value Rating: 10
Durability Rating: 9
Overall Rating: 10

Full Review:

I've been kayaking for quite some time now and I recently decided to invest in a pair of the Astral Brewers. Needless to say, it was one of the better life choices I've made! I used to slip and slide all over river banks before I purchased these shoes and now I can hop, jump, and skip all around wet, slippery rocks. The Brewers just recently switched to their new "G-Form" rubber which is absolutely magical! The 
lightweight cordura material is super light and super durable and allows the shoe to breath easily. The sole itself has multiple water tunnels that allow water to exit the shoe quickly and effectively. When carrying big heavy kayaks over and around big scary rapids, I like to know that my river shoe will be reliable in preventing me from slipping into some place I would rather not be.
The Brewers have become widely popular with whitewater kayakers, but the shoe is really designed as a general "water shoe" that can be used by any river-goer. I think they look and feel so good that I often wear them around town and whenever I'm working the shop. If you're looking for a good looking, highly functional, low-profile water shoe, the Astral Brewers should definitely be on your wish list! Just FYI, Astral also makes a mid-top model of the Brewer called the "Rassler" if you prefer a bit more ankle support. Also, for the ladies out there, the female version of the Brewer is called the "Brewess" which is just equally as awesome! Hey-Oh!
"The Good" List: The Brewers can grip pretty much any surface on this earth and they shed water like no other. They look really good and they have been tried and tested in some the most demanding water scenarios to date!
"The Not so Good List": There is really nothing bad to say about these shoes.

The Bottom Line: The Astral Brewers are one the most practical, grippiest and most comfortable water shoes on the market!

 Astral BrewerAstral Brewer


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