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Gear Review: BCA Link Radio

Gear Review: BCA Link Radio

Gear Review: BCA Link Radio

Value Rating: 10 
Durability Rating:
Overall Rating:

The Full Review

When out in the backcountry it's super important to have good communication with your partners. It makes problem solving much easier and it’s less of a struggle to convey an idea or problem. I’ve owned and used many 2-way radios over the years and I generally haven’t been happy with any of them. Last year I tested some BCA Link Radios out and was thoroughly impressed, so this year I decided to get some of my own to bring up to Alaska.

A nice thing about these radios is that you can stash the radio in your pack and the wired microphone can be placed outside on your shoulder strap so there is no more fumbling around to reach the radio. This also allows you to listen easier while being hands free. It’s even possible to change frequencies from the mic. However, once we found a channel we liked we usually didn’t have to change. The battery life in these radios is excellent! They would seem to last for days and could be charged off a USB charger which even meant our solar panels could get them to full juice quickly. When in use they provided crystal clear communication at distances where my old Motorola radios would be filled with fuzz or dead due to cold batteries. Highly recommend for backcountry travel!


The Good:

Excellent range, sound quality, and ease of use. More and more people are using them making backcountry communication and safety more efficient. Love the external mic and ability to stash radio in pack.

The Bad:

They are a little pricey- $150 for one radio, so hopefully your buddies already have one! Slightly bulky; they are pretty light for their size but they do just take a little bit of space when your trying to pack expedition style and extremely light.

The Bottom Line:

This is probably the best item BCA makes! Granted they are a little spendy, but what price you are willing to put on your life? Safety is number one! These tools simply just help communication within groups and with other groups. I want all my backcountry partners to have one!


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