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Gear Review: Bogs Seattle Mid Boots

Gear Review: Bogs Seattle Mid Boots

Gear Review: Bogs Seattle Mid Boots

Overall Rating: 10

Location of Test: Shady Cove Campground

Duration: 2 days

Product Name: Seattle Mid

Product Brand: Bogs

Best Use: Camping, gardening, cold/rainy weather

Sizes Available/ Specs: whole sizes, waterproof, insulated to 5 F.

Bogs Seattle Mid Boots

The Full Review:

I bought these mainly because I get really cold feet at night during spring camping and there was possible rain in the forecast. I realized that after putting these babies on my feet, my toes were comfortably warm. The footbed was also more supportive than the everyday rain book, not to mention the cushion factor was awesome! I went on a one hour hike and my feet felt great! The best part about these boots was the ease of kicking them off before getting in the tent and the ease of pulling them on when getting out of the tent. I love these boots and highly recommend them to anyone camping or gardening for the pure fact that they are easy to get on and off and that they are super durable.

The Good: Easy to use, comfy, supportive, durable

The Bad: If you wear in warm weather your feet will get hot.

The Bottom Line: Great for camping and gardening

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