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Gear Review: Delphin 155 P&H Sea Kayak

Gear Review: Delphin 155 P&H Sea Kayak

Gear Review: Delphin 155 P&H Sea Kayak

Value Rating: 9
Durability Rating: 10
Overall Rating: 9

Location of Test: San Francisco Bay, Westport and Deception Pass Washington, lots of places in Oregon
Duration: Multiple Days

Product Name: Delphin 155
Product Brand: P&H Custom Sea Kayaks
Best Use: Whatever your heart desires! Perfect for all paddling except multi week expeditions
Sizes Available/ Specs: 15'9", 61.7lbs of awesome durable kayak.

Delphin 155 P&H Sea Kayak

The Full Review

The Delphin 155 is your trusty 4x4 SUV of the kayak world. This large size paddles very differently from it's smaller cousin, with extra rocker (banana shape for maneuverability), more volume in the bow for packing and popping over chop and waves. P&H is at the forefront of kayak designs, blending cool features from the whitewater world, while still maintaining the sea kayak smoothness.

Beginners will love the comfort of the seat, and the stability gained from the relatively flat hull of the boat. Paddlers looking to push their skills in rough water will love how that flat hull turns the boat into a surfing machine! The extra bow volume helps you float on top of all water.

Delphin 155 P&H Sea Kayak

The Good:

Well rounded do everything boat, providing confidence for both new paddlers to the sport, and those wanted to explore more wild places.

The Bad:

You'll be hooked on the designed and want to buy it's glass cousin the Aires 155. Hatches can be a bit tricky to put on when you first purchase.

The Bottom Line:

Great first boat to grow with; great additional boat to push your skils. Paddle like you drive your favorite SUV: Cruise in the flatwater, kick it up a notch in the for the rough stuff.


Delphin 155 P&H Sea Kayak

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