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Gear Review: Earth SUP by Bic

Gear Review: Earth SUP by Bic

Gear Review: Earth SUP by Bic

--Product Information--
Product Name: Earth SUP
Product Brand: Earth SUP by Bic
Best Use: Recreational/Touring
Sizes Available / Specs: 10', 10'6", 11'6", 12'6", 14'

--Test Information--
Location of Test: Scappoose Bay
Duration: An hour

Value Rating: 10
Durability Rating: 10
Overall Rating: 10

--Full Review--
I was happy to see that Bic had launched an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic boards. The Earth SUPs still use foam as a core, but utilize flax fiber, paulownia wood, cork, and 30% bio-sourced epoxy resin. Although a little steep, these boards are beautiful and functional. The 12"6 and 14' foot boards are great touring boards- they both fly but the 12'6 is clearly a bit more agile. There is a lot of volume in the tail of both, making for very forced pivot turns, but then again the intended use of the board is not based around that maneuver, but rather gliding through the water and giving a nearly effortless experience.

--Review Summary Points--
The Good List: Eye catching appearance, exceptional performance, green materials.
The Not so Good List: These boards are a little heavy compared to other materials, but are still plenty manageable. The price is also quite high, at something like $2000
The Bottom Line: These boards are a great step in the right direction as far as materials go and I really like the way they paddle. There is ample room for gear to go on longer trips, and the feel is great.

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