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Gear Review: Flux DM 30

Gear Review: Flux DM 30

Gear Review: Flux DM 30

--Product Information--Flux DM 30 Snowboard Bindings
Product Name: DM 30
Product Brand: Flux
Best Use: Park & Mellow All Mountain

--Test Information--
Location of Test: Timberline Ski Resort, Oregon
Duration: 3 days

Value Rating: 9
Durability Rating: 10
Note: This rating made by judging the abuse my friends have put on their Flux bindings. I haven't seen any breaks yet, and those kids break gear.
Overall Rating: 9

Full Review: Real quick, so you know where my perspective is coming from. I’m 5’7, 180 lbs. I love riding steep and fast stuff and I love the park too. Jumping is my favorite. It's hard to find a binding that does all that really well. I ride between 120-180 days a year. I generally ride 32 TM TWO boots and Union Force bindings.

I rode the DM30’s on two boards: a stiff 157cm cambered Nitro Eero Ettala and a medium/soft 153cm cambered Atomic Axium. The bindings thrived on the softer Axium. Everything felt comfy. Nothing surprised me at the last second while riding. That “oh crap why am I crashing?/this new gear does weird stuff!” event didn’t happen with the DM30’s. That to me is the biggest proof of a solid, well thought out, ergonomically correct binding. I’ve had some less than awesome surprises while riding new equipment in the past, as I’m sure you all have.


"The Good" List:

  • The ankle and toe strap distribute pressure very evenly. I didn't get a hot spot during 3 days of riding. (note: Always loosen your front binding straps before each lift ride. No binding is comfy enough to be strapped Ride-tight all day.)
  • The foot bed platform is truly flat (no concave disc area), which helps eliminate foot cramps. The footbed also absorbs impact well.
  • The high back rotation and forward lean adjustments offer a large range of adjustment options. Some binding companies are really skimping on that lately.
  • I felt very comfortable on the DM30's in the park. They locked onto rails and boxes really well. While jumping, both take-offs and landings felt solid.
Flux DM 30
"The Not so Good List":
  • For my weight, I would give this binding a 4 for stiffness. Where I truly noticed the softness of the binding was on hard pack while carving fast on my heel edge. The highback is medium/soft to me. Not bad, just not what I'm used to.
  • I noticed a decreased reaction on take-offs when spinning front side. This is due to one main thing. I was riding the Nitro Eero, which is just a little too torsionally stiff for the DM30, in my opinion. When I switched boards to the Axium, things felt solid.
Note: Both concerns are due to the days ridden with less than ideally matched equipment, not failure of the equipment itself.
Flux DM 30 Snowboard BindingFlux DM 30 Snowboard Binding
The Bottom Line: I bought a pair of Flux bindings. In the end, I bought the Flux DMCC-Light binding. Virtually the same binding as the DM30, but made with stiffer material. That fits my personal riding style better. the DM30 was the start though. It rode great and most importantly, didn't leave my feet hurting at the end of the day. The design and comfort is there.


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