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Gear Review: Immersion Research Kling-On Sprayskirt

Gear Review: Immersion Research Kling-On Sprayskirt

Gear Review: Immersion Research Kling-On Sprayskirt

--Product Information--Immersion Research Kling-On
Product Name: Kling-On
Product Brand: Immersion Research
Best Use: Playboating/Riverrunnung
Sizes Available / Specs: Skirt Waist Size: Small 28-30; Medium 30-33; Large 33-36; XLarge 36-40; XXLarge 40-44.
Cockpit Circumference (Inches): Medium 80-84; Large 84-88; XLarge 88-94; XXLarge 94-100.

--Test Information--
Location of Test: Wild waters of the PNW.
Duration: 2 years

Value Rating: 9
Durability Rating: 9
Overall Rating: 9

Full Review: Best bungee skirt you can buy on the market if you are looking for a bomber skirt. Immersion Research has the driest skirts I have ever used. They all feature an extra flap of neoprene that lays flat around the cockpit to help prevent water from getting in the boats from the bolt holes. The bungee is 4mm think it is pretty easy to get on in comparison to there rubber rand skirts. Immersion Research also added silicone patches on the under side of the skirt to help stick to the kayaks to try and prevent implosion. If you find your self mostly play boating or not pushing class 5, then this skirt will be great for you. I found for big waterfalls or steep creeks, I needed a little bit more skirt so I switched to the Immersion Research Royal for creeking.

"The Good" List: Very dry, easy to get on, and takes abuse.  Best bungee money can buy.

"The Not so Good List": You can run big waterfalls with it but you risk imploding it.

The Bottom Line: Really great skirt if you have a hard time getting on the rubber rand skirts. Any Immersion Research skirt will keep you dry and happy.

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