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Gear Review: Immersion Research Royale

Gear Review: Immersion Research Royale

Gear Review: Immersion Research Royale

--Product Information--
Product Name: Royale
Product Brand: Immersion Research
Best Use: Staying dry/Going big/Being the man
Sizes Available / Specs: Men's/Women's Tunnel Size S-XXL & Deck Size S-XXL

--Test Information--
Location of Test: PNW
Duration: 1 Year

Value Rating: 10
Durability Rating: 9
Overall Rating: 10

Full Review: This is the best skirt I have ever used. Immersion Research is held in high regard by all paddlers as they make the best skirts on the market. The Royale offers a "fin" shaped cut to the rubber rand of the spray skit which offers more contact to the rim of the cockpit of the kayak making it very implosion resistant. The Royale also comes with a 2" neoprene flap that sticks out past the rand and is used to cover any bolt holes on the cockpit rim offering maximum dryness. Rubber patches lay on the underside of the skirt to offer even more contact to stick to the inside of the kayak.

Immersion Research Royale
The underside featuring rubber flaps

I use this skirt in the ocean while surfing on big waves or when I am flying off massive waterfalls and this skirt has never fallen off on me. That being said, I do not think every boater on the market needs this skirt right away. I would point most people to one Immersion Research's other great skirts that are not so serious.

This skirt was made to stay on your kayak and not come off, so that is something to think about when putting it on. If you get yourself in a situation where you cant reach your pull handle, you need to be able to knee out of it.

The Good List: Very dry & strong. In my opinion, the best skirt on the market since it's so hard to implode.

The Not so Good List: Does not come off very easy which could cause problems in sticky situations.

The Bottom Line: This skirt is for serious boaters who are pushing their limits. Top of the line product intended for an audience who loves going big.

The Royale stays firmly attached. Very firmly.
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