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Gear Review: Merrell Barefoot Series

Gear Review: Merrell Barefoot Series

Gear Review: Merrell Barefoot Series

--Product Information--
Product Name: Merrell Barefoot Series Shoe
Product Brand: Merrell
Best Use: Any kind of walking, running, or light hiking.

--Test Information--
Location of Test: The gym and light hikes. 
Duration: Every day last week and over the course of 2 years.

Value Rating: 9
Durability Rating: 8
Overall Rating: 9

Full Review:

I am a beginner to a lot of outside adventures Oregon provides, so after wearing these shoes for 3 years, I have decide to give them an official good review. I remember the day I discovered them. I normally wear socks with shoes even if they are the thin ankle kind (which are a must for me if I am going to the gym) until trying on my first pair of Merrell Barefoot shoes. 

I did not feel the need to add a sock; they were so comfortable. They were light and made me feel like I wanted to run up a mountain! Seriously. I bought them and have not turned to another shoe since. I really enjoy the fact that you can wear them to the gym. I wear them to work. I wore them once camping- that turned out not to be a good idea since they are meant for activity. I recommend this shoe!

Merrell Barefoot ShoesMerrell Barefoot Series Shoe
"The Good" List: They are lightweight, breathable, comfortable, and inspiring. They look good. They feel good.

"The Not so Good List": I had one pair wear very quickly. They are designed to be comfortable, but wearing them for activities such as camping wears them down somewhat quickly.

The Bottom Line: These are the only shoes I want to wear when I am going for a run.  Either at the gym or Mt. Tabor.

Merrell Barefoot Series Shoe
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