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Gear Review: NRS Pro Rescue Throw Bag

Gear Review: NRS Pro Rescue Throw Bag

Gear Review: NRS Pro Rescue Throw Bag

--Product Information--
Product Name: Pro Rescue
Product Brand: NRS
Best Use: Throwing to your friends, moving timber, getting into the water, and any other safety related activity on the slippery banks of a river.
Sizes Available / Specs: 75ft Dyneema Rope; 3/8 Line; 5239 lbs breaking strength.

--Test Information--
Location of Test: Wild Waters of the PNW
Duration: 3 years

Value Rating: 10
Durability Rating: 8
Overall Rating: 10

Full Review: If you are a whitewater boater this is a must have. From setting safety for your friends or repelling into the best runs in Washington and Oregon, I think everyone should have a 75 ft bag. I seem to destroy one throw bag a year doing something silly, this summer I destroyed a bag removing some wood on the truss. Last winter I killed a bag lowering boats off of a cliff. After big missions or long trips, it's always smart to check for rips.

Not having a throw bag is somewhat like not wearing a helmet, it would be extremely unsafe and unwise to not have a throw bag with you at all times.  Come on into the Next Adventure Paddle Sports Center and we can get you a throw bag and teach you how to properly use it.  If you're looking to advance any other paddling skills, check out our Kayak School.

"The Good" List : 75 ft bag can be used for anything and everything, and it will be mainly used to save lives. In my opinion, if you are creek boating in the northwest you should use a 75 ft bag.

"The Not so Good List": 75ft is a little bulky and sometimes hard to store if your kayak is fully stocked.

The Bottom Line: You should always have a throw bag, and a 75 ft one is simply responsible.

NRS Pro Rescue Throw Bag
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