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Gear Review: Old Town Predator 13

Gear Review: Old Town Predator 13

Gear Review: Old Town Predator 13

--Product Information--
Product Name: Predator 13
Product Brand: Old Town
Best Use: Kayak Fishing
Sizes Available / Specs: The predator family of Kayaks includes the predator 13 and the predator MX, the 13 is best used for larger flat water while the MX is designed for smaller moving water such as rivers and creeks. The MX has improved maneuverability at it's 12' length while the 13 has considerable speed and tracking advantages.
Length: 13' 2"
Width: 33.5"
Seat Height: 15"
Leg Length: 48"
Max Capacity: 400-425 lbs.
Weight: 86 lbs

--Test Information--
Location of Test: Haag Lake, Clear Lake, Timothy Lake, Trillium Lake, Scappoose Bay, Columbia River Slough
Duration: Roughly 10 full days on the water

Value Rating: 8
Durability Rating: 10
Overall Rating: 9

Full Review:
I've been fly fishing from the Old Town Predator 13 every chance I've had for the last couple months. One of the things that blows me away in this boat is the sheer stability which is a great feature when fly fishing. The stability provides the ability to stand, fish, and paddle comfortably from a standing position, even through choppy water which really separates this boat from others in its class. I found myself paddling it standing up more than sitting down. That being said, the seating system on the predator is awesome, the ability to sit, paddle, and fish from a raised position gives you a better angle for fighting fish, while sitting in the lower position gives you more boat control for rougher water.

This boat is great for getting into inlets and shallow water, it glides comfortably over rocks, sandbars, and other obstacles in only a few inches of water. While this boat will never win any races, I never found it lacking the speed I needed to fish all day. In high winds I found the tall profile of the boat made it a workout to keep a straight course, but paddling from the lower seat position improved this slightly.

The outfitting on both predators is really solid. The rail plates allow easy mounting of rails, rod holders, and accessories without drilling into the boats hull.

I fly fished for Bass, Carp, and Trout from the predator and I found it was best for carp fishing, where sight fishing and the ability to stand up and make long casts is a necessity. It did however perform above my expectations in all flat water fishing scenarios.

"The Good" List: Awesome stability, solid tracking in low winds, plenty of storage room. This feels like a boat that was designed for fishing by people that have actually fished from a kayak before. This boat is great for most freshwater fishing situations I find myself in, it's great for any flat water and handles chop/rapids up to Class 1/-2 really well. I had a very difficult time getting this boat to flip, it's that stable.

"The Not so Good List": This is a big boat, and with that comes a few drawbacks, getting this thing on and off the top of my SUV by myself is not an easy feat. It's doable, but not ideal. That weight also contributes to the difficulty tracking in wind.

The Bottom Line: If you're looking for an awesome boat to fish, especially fly fish from, the predator series is it! Being able to stand and cast is really a benefit with a fly rod. Solid, well-made outfitting and fishing specific feature make this boat worth a paddle for any angler.

Old Town Predator 13
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