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Gear Review: Sweet Protection Rocker

Gear Review: Sweet Protection Rocker

Gear Review: Sweet Protection Rocker

--Product Information--Sweet Protection Rocker Helmet
Product Name: Rocker
Product Brand: Sweet Protection
Best Use: Creek/Play boating/Teaching/Guiding
Sizes Available / Specs: Sizes M/L (56 - 59cm ) L/XL (59 - 61cm)
Weight: 605g

--Test Information--
Location of Test: I use it everytime I paddle.
Duration: 4 years

Value Rating: 10
Durability Rating: 10
Overall Rating: 10

Full Review: This is the best piece of boating gear I own. As a whitewater boater you break kayaks, paddles, and drysuits. This helmet has lasted much longer than anything other piece of gear. After 4 great years this bad boy is still doing its job and I couldn't ask for a better helmet. It’s super comfortable and in the wintertime my head stays really warm eliminating the need for a skull cap. In the summertime if I’m feeling too hot I will pop the ear pieces off so it can breathe better. If you are having a hard time with hot spots when you try it on, fear not because Sweet sends lots of little "fireball" pads that go in the helmet. While play boating, the ear pads keep most of the water out even though the Rocker allows for ear plugs like the Doc's to go in with no issue.

I have owned a few other helmets like the Shred Ready and WRSI, and the quality and durability don’t even come close to the Sweet helmet line. From big drops to micro creeks and big water rivers like the Ottawa, my Sweet Helmet will go with me.

"The Good" List: Why go cheap on a helmet… It’s protecting your dome.

"The Not so Good List": I probably should buy a new one since mine is 4 years old.

The Bottom Line: The best helmet in kayaking. You will never go to another brand after trying Sweet.

 Sweet Protection Rocker HelmetSweet Protection Rocker

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