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Gear Review: Sweet Protection Strutter

Gear Review: Sweet Protection Strutter

Gear Review: Sweet Protection Strutter

--Product Information--Sweet Protection Strutter
Product Name: Strutter
Product Brand: Sweet Protection
Best Use: Whitewater Sizes Available / Specs:

--Test Information--
Location of Test: Oregon and Washington
Duration: 2 years

Value Rating: 5
Durability Rating: 6
Overall Rating: 7

Full Review: The Strutter. Strut your stuff. A wonderful playboating helmet and the go to for looking super hard when running the gnar. Who rolls? Not you. That carbon laced baseball cap on your head isn't a hindrance, its a fashion statement.

Sweet Protection StrutterThe Strutter is a great helmet for those looking to keep their audible wits about them and the sun/rain out their eyes. It is not a great helmet for one on one conversations with the river bottom. Or high volume holes, where it tends to get pulled back and you get to execute the "pull down" (one hand on the paddle one hand readjusting your helmet and then roll).

Otherwise, it is an awesome helmet. It's like going to a football game with the Chicago Bears 70-80's defensive line and wearing a carbon fiber tutu. Sexy, but maybe not the best idea. Unless you're stout. So stout brussel sprouts cower in fear at your calcium content.

"The Good" List: Comfortable, reathable, sun/rain protection with the visor, and quite stylish.

"The Not so Good List": NO ear protection, NO temporal protection, NO occipital protection, NO Face protection, and it pulls back in the gnar.

The Bottom Line: A fun playboating helmet/ high volume helmet. A free form helmet for the confident boater. A great rafters helmet.

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