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Gear Review: Tikka RXP Headlamp

Gear Review: Tikka RXP Headlamp

Gear Review: Tikka RXP Headlamp

Location of Test: Northwest Oregon
Duration: 2 weeks
Product Name: Tikka RXP
Product Brand: Petzl
Best Use: technical activities
Sizes Available / Specs:
·         215 lumens
·         reactive lighting
·         USB Rechargeable - Li-ion battery
·         max autonomy; 80 lumens - 70 meters - 10 hrs min.
·         standard; 160 lumens - 90 meters - 5 hrs min.
·         max power; 215 lumens - 110 meters - 2 hrs 30 min.
·         reserve mode; 25 lumens - 1 hr
·         highly water resistant (silicone gasket)
·         lock function capable
·         colors; black, coral
·         msrp; $94.95

Petzl Tikka RXP Headlamp
Whether you're finding your way back to camp, to the trail, the cave entrance or just home again after a night of pub crawling, the PETZL TIKKA RXP is an intelligently bright way to effectively light the path ahead. The single biggest point of difference this lamp boasts is in its groundbreaking "first to market" Reactive Lighting Technology.  In essence, reactive lighting arms you with the capability to adapt your lighting automatically to an appropriate level for your immediate environment and in doing so maximizes battery efficiency.  This cool new feature allows you to remain hands free while automatically adjusting light intensity and range without having to press any buttons.

On trail, the beam automatically increases intensity and broadens (or narrows) focus as you look ahead at objects in the distance.  Whether it be a signpost, trailhead, or living, breathing thing ahead, as you approach any fixed object, it adjusts accordingly and dims down so you don't over light or "accidentally" blind your buddy.  When looking at your watch, a map or something under foot, moving into point blank range the reactive sensor output lowers and widens directly in response to the reflective distance between lamp and object. If you prefer to go manual, click into "constant" mode and run as you would any other various headlamps but with unrivaled power and performance.

With the application of OS by Petzl software, available for download from Petzl, you can create custom technical activity profiles or select from a list of pre-configured profiles such as trail running, mountaineering and hiking; download onto the TIKKA RXP and you're good to go. The red LED allows you to avoid night blindness whether reading in the tent at night or using the outhouse. It appears to take about 3 - 4 hours to recharge from dead to full power via USB. Turn the lock function on to avoid inadvertent power on in your pack.

A comfortable two part headband accommodates adventurous activity by keeping it secure. You can switch out the Li-ion battery with a battery adapter and 3 AAA battery pack. A "gas gauge"/battery indicator lets you know the status of your charge. I used this device in a variety of situations and conditions and put its claims to test without any incidence of disappointment and would recommend this lamp to anyone who seeks high quality/performance.

Pick one up today and never look back or be in the dark again...

The Good:
·         amazingly bright
·         remarkably efficient
·         adaptive and intelligent
The Not so Good:
·         with a full charge the reactive mode is hyper sensitive but settles down from 2/3 to 1/3 (ish) battery power
The Bottom Line: The best headlamp technology available to the civilian populous.

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