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Gear Review: Trango Pyramid Belay/Rappel Device

Gear Review: Trango Pyramid Belay/Rappel Device

Gear Review: Trango Pyramid Belay/Rappel Device

Value Rating: 10
Durability Rating: 9
Overall Rating: 9.5

Location of Test: Indoor and outdoor climbing
Duration: 5 years

Product Name: Pyramid
Product Brand: Trango
Best Use: Tope rope and lead belay, rappelling
Sizes Available/ Specs: 68g, compatible with ropes 9.7-11mm

The Full Review

As a relatively young climber, I get looks when I show up at the gym or the crag with a Trango Pyramid hanging off my harness. This device has been around since the dawn of tubular belay devices, but that doesn’t make it any less of a competent workhorse.

I often get confused looks when I hand this device to newer climbers—the Pyramid looks complicated, but it really isn’t. What primarily differentiates this device from a standard ATC is that the device rotates on its lease. The purpose of this is quite simple, and intelligent. The device is shaped like a truncated quadrilateral pyramid, and when the narrower end of the device faces out, the device applies more friction to the rope. When the narrower end faces in, the device applies less friction. The result is a highly versatile device (while it’s actually rated for ropes 9.7mm-11mm, I have safely used mine with my 9.2mm rope—just keep a solid hand on it at all times, as one always should when belaying).

The other cool feature on the Pyramid is that it has ridges on the outer sides that disperse heat, meaning you don’t get burned on long rappels. When it comes to rappelling and lowering, the Pyramid is a pro. Smooth and steady, this device makes descending feel dream-like.

This device is a time-honored classic. It remains at a great price point—make this your next belay device!

The Good:

Simple, has more versatility than your average ACT, inexpensive, smooth lower

The Bad:

Tricky for new users to figure out sometimes

The Bottom Line:

Get this device--there's no reason not too.

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