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Gear Review: Wave Sport Mobius

Gear Review: Wave Sport Mobius

Gear Review: Wave Sport Mobius

--Product Information--
Product Name: Mobius
Product Brand: Wave Sport
Best Use: Playboating
Sizes Available / Specs:

  • Mobius 49 5'6" 24.75" 14" 30 lbs 33" 19" 90-160 lbs 49 gal M
  • Mobius 57 5'8" 26.25" 14.5" 32 lbs 33" 19" 130-200 lbs 57 gal M
  • Mobius 65 6'0" 27.25" 15.75" 34 lbs 36" 20" 180-250 lbs 65 gal XL

--Test Information--
Location of Test: PNW wild waters
Duration: Multiple Runs

Value Rating: 9
Durability Rating: 9
Overall Rating: 9

Mobius Wavesport Freestyle Kayak

Full Review: I've been paddling the Wave Sport Mobius quite a bit recently and find it to be incredible for some things, and just sub-par at others. I find the Mobius to be a fantastic park and play boat and not so much of a downriver boat. I think the Mobius is really good at surfing bigger and steeper waves because it has so much volume in the front and very little in the back.

The bulk of the volume distribution in this boat is no doubt centered more towards the bow rather than the stern. This leads to big freestyle moves and the ability to skip on larger waves with ease. However, because there is such little volume in the stern, I find it a tad challenging to use it as a full time river-runner as well. It likes to stern squirt quite a bit and can be hard to bow stall at times due to all of its bow volume.

With that being said, I absolutely love this boat on big fast waves and in deeper holes. It side surfs better than most boats and avoids pearling on steep waves with its continuous bow rocker up front. I bet this boat rules on larger volume rivers like the Ottawa! Definitely give this boat a shot if you are looking for a pure freestyle playboat and plan on getting on some larger water!

"The Good" List: The Wave Sport Mobius is a fantastic playboat with tons of volume in the bow which makes it killer for bigger/steeper waves.

"The Not so Good List": The volume distribution in the Mobius is a bit un-even with most of the volume being shoved to the front of the bow which makes it a little squirrely for downriver use but fantastic for big/fast waves!

The Bottom Line: If you're looking for mostly a park and play boat that has potential to be a downriver boat, the Mobius may just be what you are looking for. Heading up to Canada to do some playboating on the Ottawa? BUY THIS NOW!

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