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Gear Review: Wilderness Tech Crag 45L

Gear Review: Wilderness Tech Crag 45L

Gear Review: Wilderness Tech Crag 45L

Value Rating: 9
Durability Rating: 8
Overall Rating: 9

Location of Test: Broughton Bluff, Spain, Music Festival
Duration: 3 months

Product Name: Crag 45L Backpack
Product Brand: Wilderness Technology
Best Use: Single pitch rock climbing, traveling
Size Available: 45L, red or blue

Crag 45L Backpack

Wilderness Technology Crag 45L Backpack

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The Full Review

What impressed me most about the Wilderness Technology Crag 45L is simply the value. At $74.99, this product should win the a "Best Value award." The pack boasts a side-entry zipper (so helpful!), a double cinch system on top, a sweet (and very large) side pocket, and a nice set of straps to secure a rope under the brain.

I really put this pack to the test when I dragged it to Spain and Portugal for two weeks. I fit all my clothes and shoes for a few days in the cities, as well as a rope, a small collection of gear, a helmet, and two pairs of climbing shoes into this pack--and then carried it into the plane.

Once I was in Spain, I brought this pack climbing nearly every day. It takes a rope well, you can fit a helmet on top of the pack but under the brain, which is a huge plus, and I found it to be quite comfortable, even when fully packed. The downside I found of this pack is its bulk. 45L is big for a crag pack, and while it was perfect for traveling, I found it a little awkward to climb with. It took up a lot of space on small belay stations. While it was perfect for single pitch climbing, particularly days when I needed a bunch of clothes, food, water, and gear, I probably won't take it multi-pitch climbing again.

As far as durability goes, this pack is a winner. The zippers feel pretty solid, the material is enforced on the bottom of the pack so I wasn't at all scared about abrasion, and it boasts some pretty beefy loops on the outside (on one side they're embedded within a fold of fabric which makes them harder to access, but they still work just fine).

Wilderness Technology Crag 45L Backpack

Overall, I'm pretty stoked on this pack. The features are good, the price can't be beat, it's big enough to be used as a travel (or overnight backpacking) pack, and small enough to take to the crag. I even used to to haul stuff to work! This is a multi-use pack, for climbers looking for a larger crag pack at an awesome price.

The Good:

Durable, big enough to take on different kinds of trips, sweet features (daisy chain of loops, pockets on side and brain, side access).

The Bad:

Missing a rope handler inside the body of the pack, too bulky to realistically take multi-pitch climbing.

The Bottom Line:

A sweet pack--not the perfect crag pack, but pretty darn good, especially when you consider everything else it can do.

Wilderness Technology Crag 45L Backpack

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