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Gear Review: Wilderness Technology X-Weave Sleeping Pad

Gear Review: Wilderness Technology X-Weave Sleeping Pad

Gear Review: Wilderness Technology X-Weave Sleeping Pad

--Test Information--Wilderness Technology X-Weave Sleeping Pad

Location of Test: Deschutes River and Salmon River
Duration: 5 days

--Product Information--

Product Name: X-Weave
Product Brand: Wilderness Technology
Best Use: Sleeping Pad
Sizes Available / Specs: Measurement: 72" x 20" x 2.5"
Weight: 1 lb 8 oz
Color: Orange


Value Rating: 9
Durability Rating: 8
Overall Rating: 9

Full Review:

I took the X-weave sleeping pad on two different camping trips recently and overall, I am very impressed. The pad is lightweight and easy to pack. As a side and back sleeper, I found it very comfortable and did not have any issues hitting the ground in either positions. I found the "weave" pattern on the pad very accommodating. While I shifted throughout the night, the air in the mat seemed to move with my body always giving me full support.

Wilderbess Technologu X-Weave Sleeping PadWilderness Technology X-Weave Sleeping Pad

I used my trusty lungs to fill the pad most of the way and used the built in foot pump for the final pumps. It seemed to work very well and I believe that if you are a very patient individual, you would be able to pump the entire mat using this unique feature. At one point, the pad was doubled as a camp seat and easily withheld the weight of two people. Overall I think that this is an awesome, lightweight pad. For the money this pad cannot be beaten for packability and comfort.

Wilderness Technology X-Weave Sleeping Pad SizeWilderness Technology X-Weave Sleeping Pad

"The Good" List: It's super inexpensive at $39.99. The X-Weave is lightweight and takes up about as much space as my 40 oz. water bottle. It's supper comfortable and at no point did I experience shoulder and hip "bottoming out" moments. The fabric is lightweight, waterproof, and quiet.

"The Not so Good" List: The foot pump may take a long time to pump if used by itself. The pillow was pretty hard to lay head on directly, buy worked very well with the wonderful and inexpensive Wilderness Technology Camp Pillow.

The Bottom Line: Durable, inexpensive, lightweight, and comfortable.

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