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Gear Review: YakAttack Zooka Tube Kayak Fishing Pole Holder

Gear Review: YakAttack Zooka Tube Kayak Fishing Pole Holder

Gear Review: YakAttack Zooka Tube Kayak Fishing Pole Holder

Value Rating: 9
Durability Rating: 10
Overall Rating: 10

Location of Test: Wherever the fish are
Duration: 2 years

Product Name: Zooka Tube
Product Brand: YakAttack
Best Use: Freshwater Fishing
Sizes Available/ Specs: Available in Post and Spine or Ball and Socket mounts.


The Full Review

Since introduced by YakAttack several years ago I have put Zooka tubes to use almost exclusively as my rod holder of choice while Kayak Fishing. Designed around both spinning and casting rods it is unique in it's ability to lock a rod into a secure position without any mechanics. A simple loosening of the side adjuster and flipping over of tube changes the holder from a casting holder with lock based around the trigger to the best spinning rod holder on the market. Above most holders on the market this one will actually keep your rod in the correct orientation so that your rod stays on spine and works the way it was designed to which means increased sensitivity leading to more noticed light strikes,

Available in Post or Ball mounting options I prefer the Ball mount for increased adjustability and find that it is plenty sturdy especially when using a aluminum ball.

The Good:

USA Made Composite construction is light weight and durable. Non mechanical locks are easy to use, fast, and secure.

The Bad:

This holder is definitely made for smaller rods however will handle anything the NW has to throw at them. Be sure to pair Ball mounts with an aluminum ball instead of composite to help limit mount slippage

The Bottom Line:

If I had to recommend a single rod holder this one would be it. Add in that it is made for YakAttack by Ram (who is a NW based company) and it is a clear winner. If you are confused on what to get for your Kayak Fishing rod holder- go Zooka Tube and dont look back.

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