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Marker Kingpin Review

Marker Kingpin Review

Marker Kingpin Review

The new Marker Kingpin binding is on the forefront of touring technology. The ease of use, performance, and added protection separate this binding from the rest of the touring field. The Kingpin will be available fall 2015.

There will be two versions of the Kingpin: the Kingpin 13 (with a din range of 6-13) and the Kingpin 10 (with a din range of 5-10). The toe piece of the Kingpin distinguishes itself from other alpine touring bindings due to the six pack of springs that offer superior energy absorption. There are no pins within the heelpiece, so it essentially functions as a regular alpine binding aside from the lateral release function. 

The power transmission, ease of adjustability, and increased protection due to the release function make the Kingpin perform equally as well inside the resort as outside. Check out the video below for a complete walkthrough of the Kingpin binding from SIA.


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