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Mountain Hardwear Direkt 2 Review

Mountain Hardwear Direkt 2 Review

Mountain Hardwear Direkt 2 Review

I have been using the Mountain Hardwear Direkt 2 for the last couple of big trips I have been on. So stoked on this tent!The Direkt 2 is a lightweight, 2 person, internal pole mountaineering tent. Wieghing in at 2 lbs 8 oz, it is light enough to use as a one man tent, or as a fast and light bivy shelter for 2 people.

Mountain Hardwear Direct 2
This shelter is best used in the alpine environment. It is the ideal tent for climbing Pacific Northwest volcanoes.People have complained that the tent is not breathable enough, and I could see that being a legitimate concern for approaches to big climbs. The thing is though, this tent is made for alpine climbing and to withstand heavy winds, nasty storms and cold temperatures. It is not a backpacking tent. In these instances the durability and warmth outwiegh the need for breathability.

Setting up the tent is very easy. 2 poles of the same length can be put on either side, making an X at the top. The internal pole setup is great for times when you just want to get in the tent and out of the elements.

Tips for setup-

Stake out the corners first. Deadman anchors work the best in snow.

Lay out your sleeping pad inside the tent. Setting up the internal poles requires the user to kneel, and this one step makes it much more comfortable.

Get the poles connected to the rear grommets first, then the grommets by the door.
This is what it looks like if you do not stake it down first.

The tent is extremely warm. I used this tent with a 30 degree sleeping bag on Rainier on April 25th, and with the 30 degree bag on Baker last week, and felt no cold.
Alpine camp with the Direkt 2.

I would recommend this tent to any climber or skier looking for a high-end tent for harsh conditions. It will work great on Cascade Volcanoes, winter ski touring through the Sierra Nevada or Rocky mountains, expedition climbing in Alaska, and Mt. Washington winter ascents.
Buy your Direkt 2 today!


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