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MTI Fluid 2.0 Review

MTI Fluid 2.0 Review

MTI Fluid 2.0 Review

--Product Information--MTI Fluid 2.0
Product Name: Fluid 2.0
Product Brand: MTI
Best Use: Stand Up Paddleboarding

--Test Information--
Location of Test: Clackamas River
Duration: 2-3 hours

Value Rating: 8
Durability Rating: 7
Overall Rating: 8

Full Review: It's summer now and I had the chance to go out river shopping with a few friends on the good old Clackamas River. I have not used waist belt inflatables before, so I figured a sunny June day would be a great place to try one out. I went with the MTI fluid 2.0 which is a very comfortable waist belt. The first thing I noticed was how free I felt not having a PFD restrict my shoulder movement, but I also noticed the lack of padding should I fall in the water. I guess this is a toss up for a hot sunny day though it was quite enjoyable to be able to just paddle freely.

Although I did not have to inflate PFD, I did check out instructions on how to utilize it simply pulling the yellow tab. A small CO2 cartridge inflates the PFD quickly,then throw the horse collar around your neck and float away to safety. It seems relatively easy to accomplish but always read the instructions and practice 'dry' before getting out on the river.

I consistently forgot I was wearing the PFD since it's primarily around your waist. The only time I really noticed it was when I tried to lie down on my stand up paddle board. I would definitely use this PFD for flat water, calm activities although I would not recommend it for downriver SUPing with rapids or strong currents.

The Good List: super comfortable & lightweight.

The Not so Good List: Restricted to using it for calm, flatwater paddling. But it performs great for these more leisure activities.

The Bottom Line: A great option for flat water sup and some down river! Super comfortable but definitely practice using it before adventuring!



MTI Fluid 2.0
Patrick showing the freedom of the MTI Fluid 2.0

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