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Neosport 3mm Paddle John Wetsuit Review

Neosport 3mm Paddle John Wetsuit Review

Neosport 3mm Paddle John Wetsuit Review

--Product Information--
Product Name: 3mm Farmer John
Product Brand: Neosport
Best Use: For cold-ish water, under a dry top perhaps; if paddling.
Sizes Available / Specs: Full size range, order landing soon! 2-way relief zipper is standard

--Test Information--
Location of Test: Devils Lake/others
Duration: Multiple hours

Value Rating: 8
Durability Rating: 8
Overall Rating: 9

Full Review: The Neosport 3mm Farmer John is a great. At the beginning of this winter, I was experimenting with different immersion wear and tried paddling a play boat and a SUP in my 5mm full-suit just to see how it was. I realized why a thick wetsuit isn't always optimal for paddling, although I was definitely warm enough and not uncomfortable. With that said, I tried a dry-suit out multiple times with varying layering underneath, and while I was drier, I was still very warm. On flat water on a stable SUP, wearing either of these options can feel cumbersome, so as of late I have been pairing one of our rental Farmer Johns (also Neosport) with an Immersion Research Dry-top, (as well as booties and a base layer shirt).

The Farmer John is great because it allows your shoulders to have maximum mobility and can be paired with a dry-top on colder days. The sleeveless cut makes wearing something over it tolerable; wearing a full suit under a dry-top is not commonly optimal. I like the Farmer John option particularly for SUPing, where I really work up a sweat and I'm grateful for minimal gear that will still prevent cold shock (more so when paired with a dry top) should I take an unexpected dip. It works great.

Keep in mind that regardless of how nice it is outside one should always dress for the water temperature, even if you don't plan on swimmin'.

The Good: Comfortable neoprene (as far as neoprene goes), 2 way relief zipper is very convenient. Shoulder mobility to the max.

The Not so Good: The calves are a little wide for me. but that's just me, you should try it on. The thread on the knee pads can unravel after extended wear (years). Essentially sometimes the knee pads fall off, but the suit is fine. The pads can be put back on.

The Bottom Line: Good suit for a reasonable price point.


Neosport 3mm Paddle John Wetsuit
The stylish, trendy Paddle John

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