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Neosport 5mm Hi Top Boot Review

Neosport 5mm Hi Top Boot Review

Neosport 5mm Hi Top Boot Review

--Product Information--Neosport 5mm Hi Top Boot
Product Name: 5mm Hi Top Boot
Product Brand: Neosport
Best Use: Kayaking or Boating
Sizes Available / Specs: Most sizes available, special order also available.

Value Rating: 8
Durability Rating: 9
Overall Rating: 8

--Test Information--
Location of Test: Clackamas River
Duration: Day trip

Full Review: At first glance, these booties are not particularly attractive, but when you look at the price tag you begin to see past their plain decor. At $29.99, these booties are a steal. As most of the other booties carried at next adventure (except our hyperflex booties with a softer sole for surfboard feel), these have a nice, substantial sole to pad from the impact of rocks or any other sharp objects. The side zipper allows for easy entry and exit even after your arms are dead from a day of paddling.

The main difference between this booty and the NRS Paddle Wetshoe is the toe cap. The Neosport has a narrower and more rounded toe box while the NRS boots have a little bit wider, squared out toe to accommodate hiking. 

The Good List: With 5 mm of neoprene, these will keep your feet toasty warm in very cold water. The side zipper makes getting them on a lot easier. This particular model is also what Next Adventure uses as its rental booties (for the most part), and that fact alone is a testament to the durability of this affordable booty.

The Not so Good List: It doesn't look as cool as the NRS Paddle Wetshoe and even with the zipper its still not super easy to get on.

The Bottom Line: Great booties for the price; if you're using them for paddling hopefully your feet are in your boat under a skirt and the aesthetic is no issue.


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