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San Juans Sea Kayaking Trip

San Juans Sea Kayaking Trip

San Juans Sea Kayaking Trip

San Juan Sea Kayak with Next Adventure
Next Adventure will soon be offering a multi-day sea kayaking trip to the San Juan Islands so I thought I would go up there and check out the area myself. Mayah and I both agreed that this was one of the coolest camping-kayaking trips we had ever been on. The scenery was amazing, we saw plenty of wildlife and the camping was very comfortable. I can't wait to get back up there and I would highly recommend this trip to anyone.
San Juan Sea Kayak with Next Adventure
Mayah looking back at the porpoises that were following us.
Our Pelican Beach Campsite
We started planning this trip last minute, but the knowledgeable staff at Next Adventures Paddle Sports Center made it easy to plan the trip. Kira and Sean had great information on cool places to visit, the best campgrounds and plenty of ways to make the trip as comfortable as possible.
Doe Bay Resort Hot Tubs, one of the coolest places on the trip
I thought we were going to be roughing it, but the campsites had bathrooms and Doe Bay Resort had hot tubs, a sauna and cold beer.

We had plenty of time every day to make food, relax and take in the scenery. This is a picture of me making cinnamon rolls.
We rented two sea kayaks from Next Adventure. The Wilderness Systems Tempest 170 and the Necky Chatham 17. Both were great boats for the trip, they both had plenty of room for camping gear and food and they handled amazingly. The Tempest was a little more maneuverable and the outfitting was a bit better, but both boats worked really well. 
This was an amazing trip, and I hope to go up to the San Juans many more times. Registration will be opening soon and I'm sure it will fill up quick. If you would like to go up there on your own I would suggest taking some of the classes offered at the Next Adventure Kayak School like Rescues and Recoveries and Tides, Weather, and Navigation. I hope this blog was helpful, and if there are any questions stop in the Paddle Sports Center and talk to the great staff there.

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