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Gear Review: Stohlquist Amp

Gear Review: Stohlquist Amp

Gear Review: Stohlquist Amp

--Product Information--
Product Name: Amp
Product Brand: Stohlquist
Best Use: Immersion in Cold water
Sizes Available / Specs: small - extra large

--Test Information--
Location of Test: Grand Canyon of the Colorado, Columbia River Gorge, local Portland Paddling
Duration: 6 months

Value Rating: 9
Durability Rating: 6
Overall Rating: 7

Stohlquist Amp
Sporting the Amp in the Grand Canyon

Full Review: I've worn the Stohlquist AMP for a few months now and I guess it's time to review. Please keep in mind as a guide and instructor I run through gear a bit faster than the normal paddler.

Let's address the Dramp suit. The Stohlquist AMP has treated me quit well. A 10 day bone dry trip down the Grand Canyon and a 4-5 day a week paddling regime over that 6 months have left me feeling warm and toasty. The gaskets have stayed sealed and the AMP material dries quickly after each run. I fully enjoy the fabric booties over latex and am glad Stohlquist kept this feature in the suit. The TZIP is also a huge boon for flexible front entry!

The amp fabric is durable enough for hike ins. The cordura accents are thick and nice for taking those trees, and shrubs on the river, or the occasional rock.The suit fits comfortably, somewhere between Kokatats athletic fit and Sweet's snowboarder aesthetic.. I've never felt an over or under abundance of fabric. The red color is pleasing and highly visible. I store small items in the arm pouch and have yet to lose them, even when taking a beatdown.

The Good List: It's a drysuit. Industry standard design.

The Not so Good List: Some seam leakage after 'guide level' use (4-7 days/week paddling).

The Bottom Line: a good drysuit. It has served me well these last few months. For high use individuals, buying a higher tier suit may be a better idea. For entry level-mid level use individuals, this suit is well worth the price.



Stohlquist Amp


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