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Trip Report: Abiqua Falls

Trip Report: Abiqua Falls

Trip Report: Abiqua Falls


It was a moderate hike in winter weather.

Abiqua Falls is a stunning waterfall set amid a spectacular basalt rock amphitheater covered in emerald moss and red lichen. It’s massive volume (especially after heavy rain), and pristine creek make it a unique and worthwhile venture. It is much less traveled than nearby Silver Falls State Park, due to its remoteness and difficult accessibility.

Driving along winding roads through Marion County wine country, we followed Crooked Finger Road to the parking area. After some effort, and a little bit of backtracking, we found the unmarked trail further down the road. The last part of the gravel road requires 4×4 access, otherwise you have to park at the top parking lot, and walk the rest of the way down to the trailhead. We climbed down the steep trail, clambered over and under fallen logs up the side of the creek, and followed the sound of thunder to the roaring falls. Though it is a challenging hike, and the trailhead is difficult to find, it is well worth the effort.

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