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Trip Report: Angel’s Rest Hike

Trip Report: Angel’s Rest Hike

Trip Report: Angel’s Rest Hike

- April Showers and Wildflowers in the Columbia Gorge –
Next Adventure Angels Rest Hike
The Columbia River was flat and calm when we started our hike, but the river’s surface was roiled and grey by the time we reached cliff-top viewpoint of Angel’s Rest in the Columbia Gorge.

You know what they say about April showers, but you don’t have to wait until May to see a colorful wildflower display in the Columbia River Gorge.
Next Adventure Outdoor School’s first hike of the season saw some of the best of what nature can dish out this time of year.
Next Adventure Angels Rest Hike rainforest green
A rainforest green background of moss, lichen and budding leaves was punctuated by vibrant wildflower patches.  Blue larkspur, neon red-flowering currant, and butter-yellow Oregon grape were some of the showier blooms along the trail.

Next Adventure Angels Rest Hike larkspur   Next Adventure Angels Rest Hike red flowering currant  Next Adventure Angels Rest Hike Oregon grape flower

We stated off in deep woods under towering Douglas-fir trees.  The trail led past several views of Coopey Falls, and after crossing the creek on a footbridge, we switch-backed up to rocky viewpoints of the Columbia Gorge.
Next Adventure Angels Rest Hike summit from trees

We were well on our way to the summit when it started raining.  But no problem, as everyone had properly prepared.  Rain pants and rain jackets came out of our packs and we were able to comfortably enjoy our stroll through the refreshing mist.

Next Adventure Angels Rest Hike clouds forming on cliffs

We sat on the rounded rocks of the Angel’s Rest summit to eat our lunches, took in the views of the river, and saw darker clouds rolling in.  The wind picked up and we were pelted by rain.  We could see clouds swirling and forming in the cliff-face – amazing natural forces at work.

Next Adventure Angels Rest Hike rock scrambling
We scrambled down the rocks to the trail and the rain stopped almost as soon as we were on the backside of the ridge.  The clouds thinned and we had great views west along the Columbia River toward Portland.
Next Adventure Angels Rest Hike Columbia River views

Then we were back down into the woods with the wildflowers.
Next Adventure Angels Rest Hike green trees
All too soon we were back at the trailhead, so we drove the Historic Highway to check out more waterfalls and the view from Crown Point’s Vista House.
Next Adventure Angels Rest Hike Crown Point Vista House

It was a great hike to kick off the Spring Hiking Season.

Next Adventure Angels Rest Hike happy hikers

Next Adventure Outdoor School has many more Day Hikes and Overnight Backpacking Trips offered this summer.
Come join us!
Next Adventure also offers free classes, clinics and presentations.  Coming up, we’ve got a Wildflower Identification presentation on Tuesday, April 22, a Hiking with Dogs presentation on May 8, and an Map and Compass Clinic on Tuesday, May 13.

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