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Trip Report: Clackamas River McIver to Barton

Trip Report: Clackamas River McIver to Barton

Trip Report: Clackamas River McIver to Barton

--When, Where, Conditions--
When: June 21, 2015
Location: Clackamas River; McIver to Barton
Conditions: Weather started off cloudy in the morning, but don't be fooled, this time of year it's definitely going to heat up with lots of sun by mid-afternoon
Duration: 3.5 hours, including lunch (30 min.)

--Helpful Info--
Difficulty: Easy. Crew of 23 including all levels of physical ability
Kid Friendly? Yes
Pet Friendly? Possibly..

The Report: Beginning around 10 AM, we led a trip with 5 staff and 18 participants from McIver to Barton on the Clackamas River for a special father's day trip. We had 3 full inflatable rafts with about 6-8 people in each and four Inflatable Kayaks (IKs) with 2 people each. The put in was quite easy, though the river is really quite shallow and rocky this time of year so along the entire stretch there was much paddling to be done, in fact there was seldom a time one could rest and stop paddling or else the forward momentum would cease. There were quite a few times that both the large rafts as well as IKs got stuck on rocks and had to be moved manually (by a leader getting into the water). This wasn't such an issue except the number of times a raft or IK would get stuck on rocks in the middle of a session of rapids - which caused a couple of IKs to capsize, though in slow water this wasn't much of an issue.

What a great organization to go on such a fun trip with! Adventures without Limits promotes the mission of making adventures all inclusives, no matter your ability level. Giving kids and adults opportunities to explore that they may not have had otherwise. 

Clackamas River Milo McIver
Our vessels

Clackamas River
The Low Waters of the Clackamas River

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