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Trip Report: High Lake Mt. Hood National Forest

Trip Report: High Lake Mt. Hood National Forest

Trip Report: High Lake Mt. Hood National Forest

--When, Where, Conditions--
When: End of august
Location: High Lake, past Indian Henry Campground, in Mt. Hood National Forest
Conditions: The trail was a blast, however the grade was pretty steep for most of the way and the sides of the trail were pretty overgrown. Apparently this trail had been out of use for a long time and has been gradually getting whipped back into shape by volunteer organizations. The initial ascent was dry, but once we reached the lake a little above 4000 ft, there was no rain but everything was soaking wet seemingly because of dew. We spent the night in a small tent, and the temperate went into the 40's. It was a beautiful morning after that, with stunning views of Mt. Jefferson.

Mt. Hood National Forest

--Helpful Info--
Difficulty: The hike was moderately difficult, about an 8 mile round trip. An avid hiker would have no problem at all, but for someone that prefers a hiking experience more like Powell Butte or the easier parts of Forest park, it would be pretty intense. The trail was steep for a majority of the hike. There were great views along the way, and interesting plants and wildlife.

High Lake Mt. Hood National Forest

--The Report-- 
This hike was a great time and I encourage mildly proficient hikers to do it either as a day hike or an overnight. It is very isolated; we didnt see anyone at all for the duration of our outing (sweet!). Camping at the lake at the top was great, there was a fire pit right next to the water, and a nice flat spot for a tent. Don't do this hike if you get vertigo, have bad knees, or you don't like driving down gravel roads for a few miles to get to the trail head. Otherwise, go for it!

Mt. Hood National Forest
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