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Trip Report: Hobbit Beach

Trip Report: Hobbit Beach

Trip Report: Hobbit Beach

--When, where, conditions--
When: July 12 - July 13
Location: Hobbit Beach, OR
Conditions: Overcast and around 60 degrees.

--Helpful Info--
Difficulty: Easy hike that was no longer than 1 mile downhill to the beach. The trail extends for almost 5 miles and is easy-moderate difficulty. There is direct access off of Highway 101 and parking by the trail head. Suitable for everyone ranging from youngsters to elderly folks (some may just have to take it slower than others).
Kid Friendly? Absolutely.
Pet Friendly? A dog frolic zone.
Useful Links: China Creek Loop Trail/Hobbit Beach

The Report:

Hobbit Beach is a hidden gem just over 10 miles North of Florence in the Carl G. Washburne Memorial State Park. It's easy to miss since it is just a trial head with parking for about 20 cars right off the 101, but there should typically be a few cars there so keep your eyes peeled. Once you arrive there is a beautiful hike that is about 3/4 of a mile down to the beach, but the trail continues for about 4 miles if you desire and provides amazing views along the China Creek Loop Trail. The hike is absolutely beautiful and the closer you get to the beach, the more the area starts to look like Middle Earth (hence the name Hobbit Beach).

There is a thick canopy as you approach the beach, and there is even a completely covered tree/root tunnel that you pass through. The trail leads directly to a huge, open beach that is protected from the wind thanks to Conical Rock to the South. The expansiveness of the beach provides enough room for everyone to have their own intimate space. Overall, the trail is great to wonder and explore making you feel as if you have transported into a mythical time and place.

Hobbit Beach China Creek Loop Trail Hobbit Beach China Loop Trail

Unfortunately there is no camping at Hobbit Beach, but there is a campground about 2 miles North at the Washburne State Park Campground. There is much easier beach access at the campground that does not require a hike; this could potentially be a good site to launch kayaks and do some touring.

Overall, a great hike and a great beach for people of all ages.

Hobbit Beach China Creek Loop TrailAn action shot of me taking on the treacherous trail.

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