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Trip Report: Little White Salmon River

Trip Report: Little White Salmon River

Trip Report: Little White Salmon River

     When: May 26th, 2014
     Location: Little White Salmon River
     Conditions: Sunny and beautiful. The river was at 3.5
     Duration: 3 miles of the most amazing  whitewater.
     Difficulty: Continuous class 5
     Kid Friendly? Probably not a good idea
     Pet Friendly? NO.
This was my first time going down the Little White at regular flows and it was scary and fun all at the same time. Ben, a guy I met at the take out, and fellow NA Staffer Taylor Hazen showed me down for my first time, and I had a blast. Truly scary and fun if you are into that type of thing. I swam at Horseshoe and luckily the river god's were with me that day and my boat and paddle flushed out in the eddy I was in. I have heard stories of people being recirculated in that hydraulic and for some reason luck was on my side that day. I got all my gear back and was able to finish the run. It was truly terrifying but amazing. I don't like to use the word epic, but it was truly EPIC.

Little White Salmon River whitewater kayaking with Next Adventure

December 2014

The Report: The Little White is in! The most fun you can have in a kayak. You can go out and push the hardest lines or have a nice easy day of great paddling. People move from all over the world to paddle this run and you can see the quality of rapids is amazing. The Little White is a true gem in the Columbia River gorge. In the last 20 days I have had 9 no scout no portage laps and it feels great. The Little White is pretty clean wood-wise; there are two pieces in getting busy but other then that there is not much! The level had been holding the 2.8ft-3.3ft area for the last few weeks. With all of this new rain it should shoot up pretty high. 

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