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Trip Report: Lower Salmonberry River Hike

Trip Report: Lower Salmonberry River Hike

Trip Report: Lower Salmonberry River Hike

When? 04/02/2016

Location: Lower Salmonberry

Conditions: Sunny and mild.

Duration: Day trip.

Difficulty: Moderate. Steep embankments, log jams, tunnels, and narrow paths to navigate.

Kid Friendly? No

Pet Friendly? Yes

Useful Links: http://www.foresthiker.com/?page_id=779

The Full Report

This 15ish mile trail follows the Salmonberry River and the now defunct Tillamook railroad in the coast range. I was intrigued by this hike for the variety of obstacles and things to see. There was definitely a large adventure aspect to it. Scrambling over a few log jams, sliding down steep embankments from past washouts or wandering through pitch black tunnels are the activities on order for this hike. My friend and I parked at the eastern edge and spent about 6 hours on trail in an in out out format. The hike itself can be done in a day if a car is parked at both sides or you can spend the night on the trail if you choose to walk the entire length in both directions. Given the obstacles it can be slow going at times so make sure to budget an entire day to this adventure. I highly recommend this hike for its added adventure. Be sure to check out the included link for driving directions and far more detail.

Lower Salmonberry

Lower Salmonberry

salmonberry 3


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