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Next Adventure November 2011 Snowshoe

With twenty inches of fresh powder, Next Adventure's first Winter Trip of the season got off on the right foot.  Conditions were perfect, with a bit of sun and a bit of clouds, temperatures hovering around freezing.  Cool enough to keep the snow from sloughing off the boughs above, but warm enough to pack a good snowball.  Indeed, we were a playful crew, so a few snowballs did get thrown.


We went over the basics of snowshoeing, which mostly involves how to put them on, and then set out for our snowshoe tour.


Wading through over a foot of new-fallen snow along the forest road, we found a protected spot to stop for lunch.  It was discovered that one our participants was from more southern climes and had never built a snowman before.  So a snowman we built. Over 10 feet tall, it was an engineering marvel to rival the Colossus of Rhodes, except we did not have slaves at our disposal.  Rumors that Sasquatch was involved with the construction of our gargantuan snow-man can neither be confirmed nor denied.

The next part of our adventure took us away from the road and into the trees.  We wove through icy tendrils of lichen and under arched branches heavy with snow.  Animal tracks - including deer, rabbit, and squirrel - criss-crossed our route. We climbed the ridge until we came to a viewpoint.  Purple clouds promising more snow hung on the horizon above a forest landscape frosted white.


Back at the van, we enjoyed some hot drinks and snacks, and reveled in the winter wonders of the day. It was a good group, and we all enjoyed a snowy romp on Mt. Hood NF.


Next Adventure has another Winter Trip scheduled for December 10th.  If you would like to join us for a tour and learn how to snowshoe or cross-country ski, sign-up online at nextadventure.net/outdoorschool

If you would like to learn how to stay warm, dry and comfortable while out playing in the Cascades Winter Wonderland, attend our FREE clinic, Tuesday, December 6; 7pm at the store, 426 SE Grand Ave, Portland, OR. 

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