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Trip Report: Yosemite National Park

Trip Report: Yosemite National Park

Trip Report: Yosemite National Park

When? 5/1/2016

Location: Yosemite National Park

Conditions: Sunny in the morning and floppy clouds in the afternoon 65-70 degree noon and 35-40 degree night

Duration: 2 nights 3 days

Difficulty: Half Dome Hike 18 miles (10-12 hours) Elevation gain 4,800 feet Difficult

Kid Friendly? No

Pet Friendly? No

Useful Links: https://www.nps.gov/yose/planyourvisit/halfdome.htm

Nature inbound from Ang Pemba Sherpa on Vimeo.

The Full Report

Yosemite national park was one of my dream place to go while I watched documentaries about the great Yosemite and read books about the place, it was definitely a dream wonderland adventure that I had to take a visit. A place filled with towering granite and jaw dropping waterfalls all around was definitely a moment of awe!

It all came to a plan to visit Yosemite after waiting for years and seeing my apple desktop screen everyday filled with a beautiful Half Dome shot from Glacier Point. If apple decided to name its operating system from Mavericks to Yosemite OS X, definitely there must be something of marvelous in the valley of Mariposa county where the magical gushing water falls meet the gigantic granite towers.


My mind was telling me now or never, hence I decided to finalize this trip for May. Hence I started gathering all my gears. While I was gathering all my gears I came to a point I needed a new shelter for this trip and decided to find myself a 3 season tent that would shelter me. At the basement of Next adventure where you will find amazing recycled gems of outdoor gears, I was introduced to a fairly used REI Hal Dome tent worth at $55 and it definitely became my best friend and shined perfectly at nights while I laid upon in North Pines camp ground in Yosemite, and gazed the stars above and beyond.

During May to June the water level rises and the waterfalls are gushing and spectacular to look at. The valley that stretches about 7 miles long is bisected by Merced River and beautiful towering giants like El-Capitan (a paradise for rock climbers) and spiritually centered Half Dome. From late June to September, the entire park is accessible, however as my trip was at the beginning of May the access to Half Dome cable line to the summit was closed. The average hike to Half Dome (18 miles) takes about 10-12 hours to the summit and back. The elevation gain is about 4,800 feet. Me and my brother decided to hike the loop trail from Mist trail to John Muir trail and end the trip in the valley and head towards upper Yosemite. However, our plan changed as we reached the top of Nevada falls there were few people heading towards Half Dome and we decided to go for it.

During the time when the cable is up and running in Half Dome, the Park requires a mandatory Half Dome permit to climb the cables in order to cut the line in the cable. Permits go on sale four months in advance and the 300 available per day sell out almost immediately.

Well, we did not have the permit and the cable wasn’t up fixed and running either. We hiked all the way to Sub Dome which was still covered with snow around and the final cable stretch to Half Dome lay flat tangled on the rock. We decided this was the end of our trip as to go further we didn't have harness,gloves, rope and also permit required by the Park.

Only few people with proper equipment were deciding to head to the summit which I captured into my camera while they headed to the summit through cable stretch.

Roughly it took us about 6 hours back and forth from Sub Dome to the Valley and this hike itself became the highlight of the trip.

We walked and stayed in the valley and drove to different view points. The Tunnel View point in Hwy 41 gives spectacular panoramic view looking into the valley, the tower of El-Capitan on the left, Half-Dome in the far mid and Bridal falls in the right making it a perfect combination of a beautiful landscape picture.

All my dreams that I saw while I sat in front of my computer wasn’t enough to justify how beautiful it was to see in real as I was there. A must visit for anyone in a lifetime.

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