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Werner Ikelos Review

Werner Ikelos Review

Werner Ikelos Review

--Product Information--
Product Name: Ikelos Paddle
Product Brand: Werner
Best Use: Touring Kayaking, Rough Water Sea Kayaking, Surf Kayaking.
Sizes Available / Specs: 210cm Straight Shaft has been my paddle of choice, Available 200cm- 260cm in 1 piece, 2 piece, 4 piece, and a neutral bent shaft. Foam core carbon fiber, 24.5 oz for a 2 piece straight shaft.

--Test Information--
Location of Test: Varying waters over the Pacific Northwest, California and Nova Scotia
Duration: 4 years continuosly, favored paddle for 8 years.

Value Rating: 10
Durability Rating: 9
Overall Rating: 10

Werner Ikelos
Surf kayaking with the Werner Ikelos.

Full Review: The Werner Ikelos represents the ultimate paddle in long boating, aka touring or sea kayaking. The Ikelos, with its smaller cousin the Cyprus, has been considered the gold standard in sea kayaking year after year and for good reason. As the biggest blade offered by Werner in the touring realm, this paddle has been my trusted right hand "man" (and spare) for all of my adventures, both personal and professional.

Though I love a fancy fiberglass boat, the most important tool (and the first thing to splurge on) is a paddle. You paddle a kayak, not kayak a paddle, so you want what you are holding and using all day long to help, not hinder you. The incredibly light swing weight combined with a foam filled blade create a paddle that pops back to you with such ease, you are using half the effort of a fiberglass, or poly resin plastic paddle. That same foam filled blades creates an incredibly strong surface for bracing, and helps in a roll by breaching the surface with little effort.

Paddle 8-12 hours a day for summers on end, I needed a paddle that would not wreck me, but had the power to react when I needed to. Though some people opt for the smaller blade, I have decided to go for the big blade size to make big moves and shred big waves. Large surface area means more paddle in the water for shredding the green and crushing pour overs at the coast, but the light weight also means all day comfort even when you want to go for a cruise. BEST PADDLE.

Werner Ikelos Review
Paddling the Ikelos on the Willamette River.

The Good List: Big blade for big moves. Light weight for all day comfort. Stiff shaft transfers tons of power. Sexy carbon for all day admiration of the paddle. Also, made just a few hours north of Portland in Sultan, Washington! Keep it Northwest Local.

The Not so Good List: Big aggressive blade means you need to use good form and core rotation to prevent injuries. Bad form with any large paddle quickly leads to overuse injuries. Price is steep, but the craftsmanship, quality and end use make up for it. One of my paddles after years of use showed some UV discoloration with a ghosting white, but the strength and performance have remained uncompromised.

The Bottom Line: Best paddle for all sorts of users, especially those who want the best. Truly Ultimate Performance.

Werner Ikelos Paddle
Powerful and precise: the Werner Ikelos.


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